Dish Scrubbie - Solid Color

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These large crocheted scrubbies are hand-made, eco-friendly, re-usable, and long-lasting. Crocheted with two yarns, a scrubby yarn that has a unique texture and cotton yarn, turning your typical dishcloth into a scrubby. Perfect for scrubbing the "gunk" off your dishes with ease and they dry quicker than your typical stand alone scrubby or dishcloth.

These are safe for all types of dishes, pots & pans. Even cast-iron! (please test a small area if you are concerned).

Size is approximately 4.5 inches in diameter. This pattern makes it easy to grip while scrubbing your dishes. They are durable and long lasting and would make awesome gifts.

They are extremely easy to care for....rinse well & hang to air dry after each use. Then throw in your washing machine and lay flat to dry to keep them clean and like new.